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The ABS light came on in our 2001 Toyota Highlander. Our mechanic found the tone ring on the rear axle missing.

It was unclear whether it had broken off, or corosion was to blame. They refused to cover the new axle, a $700 repair because there was corrosion in that area. The five star plan we had purchased cost $2400 for four years of coverage. We were close to three years into the plan and had never used it.

The only info we were given when we purchased the plan was a glossy brochure with covered parts listed which looked very comprehensive and listed drive axle. The exclusions portion of the brochure said nothin about corosion. However the fine print stated see your contract for specific exclusions and detail. The insurance company made a subjective call that was bogus.

They obviously reserve the right to refuse coverage of any part they has any corrosion on it.

We live in New England where any vehicle that has seen even one winter has corrosion acrioss many parts. Do not purchase this plan if you live in New England or any snnow and ice are, you will be taken

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Bozeman, Montana, United States #606492

It is not just in your area my friend I have a couple of vehicles under their warranty and non has ever had a single item fixed under their 3 Star Plan. I have sent in a request for my refund for this joke of a warranty.

The only solution they have is to seperate you from your money for a warranty that NEVER pays for anything. I have read and re-read my policy and in each occurance the item they said was not covered was covered and worse yet the specific part was identified as being covered!

How is it they write a policy but are allowed to not cover the items? If this is offered to you at a dealer REFUSE IT!!!

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