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I purchased my car what 25000 miles on it it's now at 75000. I haven't even had it for 2 years.

I bring it to the dealer media appointment. And they told me on the phone that if it doesn't have anything to do with the transmission that it wouldn't be covered. I told them I was either the clutch master saunder or the clutch slave cylinder. So the next day I got a phone call and they said it's not going to be covered.

Because they consider it a wearable part. I couldn't believe my ears. I have never heard that before I can see like breaks. Being a wearable part.

But also when I bought the car when you sign all the paperwork before they give you the keys. I was asked if I wanted an extended warranty for $27 a month for the life of the long 6 years. The guy said it will cover everything except for breeks. I said everything he said yes everything.

So I said why go towards that's a win win for me why not I'll save money in the long run. Now come to find out it's a wearable part and I have a feeling that every time I have a problem with my car they gonna consider a wearable part.

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These warranty plans are a joke and "the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act (1975)" states that deceptive warranties are prohibited. The dealer offers you a warranty, half the money is paid as a sales commission, a fourth of the money goes into marketing and the small amount remaining from the premium goes into claims; in reality, there is no money to pay any claims.

Forget about any extended warranty because it just takes your money. Dave Ramsey says to put your money in the bank ($27 every month) and when something breaks, you will have some money for repairs.

BTW: if you replace the brake fluid every 2-3 years, its unlikely the slave cylinder will go bad unless it gets oil soaked from a leaking engine, I know this because I have an old car with 367K and still has the factory clutch hydraulic parts. I also worked as a mechanic since 1990 and been Certified in heavy vehicle brakes, and other related systems.


wouldn't replace our radiator hose. Two weeks before Christmas!

I was told it was bumper-to-bumper coverage obviously not. I'm canceling the rest of the warranty and posting to every site I can