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Not really big into writing reviews however, if I may prevent someone from wasting 1800 dollars by telling my story then so be it. I purchased this warranty on a vehicle that I had purchased for my son.

Was told that everything was covered under this warranty. Well, as luck would have it here it is weather is warming up and the air conditioner on the vehicle has stopped producing cold air. Just took the vehicle to the dealership where it was purchased and had the problem diagnosed. A LEAKInG HOSE attached to the air conditioner.

$340.00 worth of damage that is not covered under this 5 star warranty. I was told that the air conditioner was covered but not the hoses attached. I'm absolutely disgusted right now...Do Not...

I repeat.. Do Not purchase this warranty!!!s

Product or Service Mentioned: Warranty Solutions Vehicle Service Contract Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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They are liars they don't want to cover but are quickly to sell the insurance and take your money!!!!!


These people manipulate to the fullest extent and will not cover your repair.There customer service is terrible.They claim to be a leading provider and proud of there reputation as if you can believe this.Integrity,fair dealing,and fast,hassle-free claims processing.This far from the truth.There customer service number 1-800-828-1392 first will put you on about a seven song wait just to get to speak with someone.They are trained to find anyway they can not to cover your repair.I am a service provider and my job is to fix your car.I normally work with people on a one on one basis.I do not like warranty contracts and always have problems with them not holding up there end of the deal.Warranty Solutions on Yelp is unclaimed and has several good people being ripped off.You will not find Warranty Solutions on A.M. Best as they describe.You will find The Heritage Indemnity Company rated A-(Excellent) a $2 Billion or greater financial size category.Warrany Solutions will be the one to sell the service contract.Mr Adam Pope is the owner a profound atheist.You can find Warranty Solutions on BBB with a A+ rating but mind you this.They have only two of a possible five stars and forty three customer complaints.These are the words you must remember who authorized this.I spent two hours with there customer service trying to get repairs covered they knew about.They will find a way not to cover you.They have code letter last names that they use to protect themselves.I got caught up in this mess of the belief that good faith is what this country is founded on.Insurance should be just that and Warranty Solutions should not turn into Warranty are you kidding me!


Yes, the Dealership does tell you "everything is covered"! They told me the same thing when I purchased my brand new 2017 Nissan.

At first I told him I did not want the warranty and he acted offended and became aggressive with why I should get this warranty and how *** It would be if I did not. He stated "what if your air condition compressor goes out"? "It's only covered for 12000 miles". He was not taking no for an answer.

The warranty costed me over 2000. SO, yes the dealership is just as responsible with lying as the warranty company. I'm sure these finance guys get a penny or two from selling these fraudulent warranties.

They do not cover anything. It's a big scam!


I feel bad that someone told you it covered everything......

FYI if your hose fails on a brand new vehicle it is only covered for 12 months or 12,000 miles.

I wish I could find a company that covers my break pads, wiper blades, tires and light bulbs.........

I think you got a pretty good price based on avg repairs are hitting $2,000 per tow in and rental vehicle.


First off light bulbs tires wiper blades belts & HOSES are never a covered components on any Exclusionary EXTENDED SERVICE CONTRACT!!! they are Maintenance items!

You failed to mention that the how much your VSC paid for the air conditioning in your car!

It is clearly right on your contract!

You must be too *** to read!